Faust – Johann Wolfgang Goethe

The monumental work, Faust, by the celebrated German author Johann
Wolfgang Goethe, has been massively popular ever since it was first
published. Faust is a tale of a brilliant young scholar who makes a fatal
pact with the devil. It draws on themes that are of perennial fascination
to the human race, such as the desire for knowledge, and the fear that
our souls will be tormented in the afterlife.

Ponder Faust – Johann Wolfgang Goethe had a brilliant mind!

Johann Wolfgang Goethe was a writer whose work embraced so many
different kinds of thought. He pondered the philosophy of aesthetics,
wrote deeply sentimental tales of pathetic, unrequited love, and even, in
his capacity as a physician, discovered a new bone in the jaw. Faust is
argued by very many critics to be Goethe’s finest work. A truly
breathtaking achievement, it draws on theology, philosophy, alongside
beautiful description and tenderly expressed human passion to create a
rich and enchantingly dramatic tale.

Lose yourself in a world of magic and divine power!

Faust does not shy away from the greatest themes available to human
kind. Divine love and divine retribution, the power of human knowledge
and the vicissitudes of love between human beings, are all there in Faust.
This work is so wide ranging that it creates a whole world for you to lose
yourself in. A beautiful, timeless tale of a human being’s thirst for
knowledge, and his love for a woman, Goethe’s Faust is a truly great
work of literature.